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Dinesh Sharma is a Nepali film actor, producer, director and television personality. Dinesh Sharma started his acting debut with a supporting role in 1993 in the Nepali film CHATYANG and it is the 80th Nepali Film in Nepali film industry. It is produced by Bishwa Murti in direction of Pratap Subbar. Artists of CHATYANG are Rajesh Hamal, Gauri Malla, Dinesh Sharma  Rupa Rana, Tika Pahadi, Subhadra Adhikari, Ramesh Budhathoki etc. Likewise, Mr. Sharma has been director for the movie  DANAV in his own banner Rakshanda Films and  produced a Nepali movie ‘ANTYA’ as a producer from R.C. Films banner. He has been worked on more than 200 Nepali feature films as an actor on different characters in nearly 25 years. Besides an actor, Mr. Sharma has been also recognized as a public personality of Nepal. For social awareness, Mr. Sharma has worked in more than dozen documentary for awareness of HIV/AIDS; and dozen of TV mega serials as an actor and they are “Achanak”, “Parichaya”, “Yatana”, “Gahana”, “Santan”, “Duithopa Anshu”, “Bhumika” etc. Mr. Sharma has been traveled rural area of Nepal for educational awareness program.

Brief Story of my entrance into Nepal Film Industry

I, Dinesh Sharma from Sinamangal, Kathmandu, Nepal have done bachelor in Management. But my passion was to study hotel management or join in Nepali Army.Once I met Khem Sapkota, uncle of my friend Tekraj Pokharel and suggested me to display in Nepali Film Industry as assumed as if I was perfect for this field. It was really a magical coincidence, one day Gupta sir who used to teach us English at college also suggested me as same as Khem Sapkota. I was in dilemma and wondered about different field.  However, I  was fond of watching movies and I was die heart fan of Amitab Bachhan.

My Childhood Memory

Finally I decided to enter in this field after sometime I reached Kathmandu from Bhairahawa with my Uncle.

In Kathmandu, he got me met with senior action director Rajendra Khadgi and senior dance director Kamal Rai who are my respected teachers. Now a day, I am very much grateful that due to my uncle, I entered in Nepal film industry and stepped more than 25 years continuous journey being success.

Before Entrance in Nepal Film Industry

It was continue with Rajendra Khadgi after first meeting. One day, he took me in a hindi film shooting, it was ridiculous moment or event. However, everyone met at that time all thos put a tag by name as "Nepali Salman Khan" during the time, Salman Khan was rising in bollywood film industry of great successful time of hindi movie-"Maine Pyar Kiya". Perhaps, it was my luck tag that I did not struggle to enter in this field.

I walked for my first movie-Chatyang as my debut. And yes, I had to struggle to remove the tag of Salman Khan and hence, I could display my name as Dinesh Sharma rather than Nepali Salman Khan due warm love of my well wishers and audiences. One day, it was a shooting day of bollywood film -"Buland" which was not release yet at Tripureshwor that I reached to see the shooting, amazingly the whole crowd turned their heads towards me as if I were Salman Khan. They requested me to give them autograph but I cleared them that I am Dinesh Sharma not Salman Khan. They took lots of photographs with me. I was surprised that it was been matter of discussion over there on time that I was popular among them borrowed somebody's name like a zero level person in this fild that got me met with Salman Khan as well and he also got surprised and I also thought I saw an image in front of me. And I created beautiful environment surrounding the shooting place after hi and hello with Salman Khan.

Finally it was viral in Nepal film industry when I was in nearest contact with rajendra Khadgi and Kamal Rai, they made me to meet with senior film director Pratap Subba for my debut movie-"Chatyang". And then, my journey began towards this Nepal film industry, I always remember my childhood friend Mr. Sudhir Singh Chhetry who always had encouraged and supported me in every situation.

 I entered in Nepal Film Industry in 1993 through Pratap Subba’s movie “Chatyang” which was produced by Biswomurthi Films. It is 80th film in Nepal Film Industry. Before this Pratap Subba directed “Biswas”, “Paral Ko Aago” and “Didi”, which were able to rule many Nepali audience’s heart. People who made me enter Nepali Film Industry are Rajendra Khadgi (Reputed Fight director), Kamal Rai (Reputed Dance director). They are my Gurus. Due to their presence I need not to struggle.  When I entered Film Industry, I was too happy because I was stepping first step in fulfilling my desires. I was neither a pre-trained actor nor a serious actor at that time because acting was an interest to me not a passion at that time.

I decided to quit industry during the shoot of my first movie “Chatyang” because I was totally unknown about the faculty and I was suffering a lot due to lack of knowledge. Producer got tensed. Rajendra Khagdi, my Guru came to me and consoled that if I did not continue the shoot, producer would suffer a lot with financial loss. When I came to know about financial loss of producer, I continued shooting.

During the shoot of Chatyang I was offered many movies, but the fact was, the first movie itself was most challenging to me so I rejected all the offers of the time decided to quit film industry and continue my study.

Time Spent away, one I was informed about the premier show of Chatyang at Pragya Pratisthan, Kamaldi, Kathmandu. I reached the venue with blooms of excitement. Photographer captured some photos of me besides the guest being invited, but after a while producer stopped me to snap a photo, I didn’t understand at that moment but I have understood now that it was publicity policy. In no more than few seconds, Lead hero of the movie, Superstar Rajesh Hamal entered the hall. With big round of clauses to Mr. Hamal, the program got started. I was happy to see myself in silver screen as supporting character, coupled against popular actress Rupa Rana. 

After movie got finished, everybody started thanking one another, some people thanked me too, I started crying being emotional. Producer came and thanked me, I cried asking him that I am not able of your greetings. I came back home and started crying loudly.  I found myself guilty accused of not portraying the character lively. In 1993, film released on halls of different cities, movies got grand success. Movie was able to rule on halls more than 100 days, I thanked all the team.

After the grand success of the movie, I decided to give continuity in film industry which was most challenging to me, Though I need not to struggle to enter film industry, I struggled to sharpen myself, to understand movie, to eradicate my mistakes. When I was busy sharping myself, I was offered with the movie named “Tuhuro” which is produced by Ujjwal Poudel where as directed by Resh Raj Acharya, presented by Rajesh Koirala. It is 97th film of Nepal Film Industry. I was very glad and eager to work with the team, reputed actor Bhuwan K.C, reputed Antagonist Sunil Thapa, Reputed Heroine Mausami Malla, Reputed Comedian Kiran K.C and reputed actress Subhadra Adhikari. I took that moment as a university to learn with all recognized, reputed, sharped and experienced actor. Movie became blockbuster, it celebrated 51 days on some places where as 75 on rest places.

Chatyang fulfilled my desire where as my Second movie Tuhuro made me passionate towards the movie and from then to till now I have been continuing as an actor. My continuity really paid me, it helped me to remove that tag of Nepali Salman Khan after 3 years struggle, and it helped me to rule the hearts of Nepali audience. It helped me to stand as best actor till the date.

Till the date, I played major role (Protagonist/Antagonist) in more than 200 films in the time period of nearly 25 years. I am been able to stand myself among the best actors of Nepali film industry portraying different characters in numerous movies. More than 3 dozen movie including Chatyang, Tuhuro, Dharma Putra, Jalan, Dhadkan, Ram-Lakshman, Sangam, Dag, Krodh, Avimanyu, is able to celebrate 51 days of execution success. Similarly, I was been awarded as best actor and best actor in negative role in different movies like, Krodh, The Nirmala, Dag, Antya, Mahan. New Comers take me as an inspiration to them.

I have also worked in more than 1 Dozen Mega- Television Serials like Parichaya, Achanak, Santan, Yatana, Dui Thopa Aansu, Bhumika, Gahana, etc.

Similarly, I have been actively participating in different programs like HIV Aids, Tuberculosis, Street Child for social awareness purpose to motivating school children in rural area to study. Some of the program I attained are Program held at schools of Far-western Region. Attained program at Jhalari, Far- western Region, Attained First Cultural Festival at Khola Gaun, Rukum.

Similarly, I worked as volunteer in need to actor in deed, Lastly, I conducted a charity show of own movie “ Ram-Jane” in my own banner Rakshanda Films Production for treatment fund of reputed actor Dipak Chhetri.

While giving Continuity in the industry I worked as producer in a movie “Antya”, product of R.C films where as worked as producer on own production house i.e. Rakshanda Films Production. Some of the movie from my production are Pratighat, Mahan, Danav. New movie Ram-Jane is completed projects but is not released yet.  Some movie still to release where I recently worked as an actor are, Warrant, System, Ram-Jane, Dhanwan,Bullet King etc.



2001AashirbadDinesh Sharma,Ram Krishna Dhakal, Rajesh Hamal, Jal Shah, Sanchita LuitelSambhu PradhanGopal Karmacharya 

YearFilmArtistsDirectorProducerMusic Composer
1994 Chatyang (Lightning) Rajesh Hamal,Dinesh Sharma, Gauri Malla Pratap Subba    
1995 Gunyu Choli Dinesh Sharma,Karishma Manandhar, Nawal Khadka Amrit Sharma   Rajkumar Kutu
1996 Nirmohi Dinesh Sharma, Jal Shah, Saroj Khanal Nayan Raj Pandey    
1996 Andolan (Strike) Dinesh Sharma,Karishma Manandhar Tirtha Thapa   Prakash Gurung
1996 Bandhan Dinesh Sharma,Rajesh Hamal, Karishma Manandhar, Melina Manandhar Resh Raj Acharya Sigdel Films Subh Bahadur
1997 Pocketmaar Dinesh Sharma, Shree Krishna Shrestha Raju Dhowj Rana    
1997 Jalan Dinesh Sharma Mukunda Bastakoti    
1998 Suraksha
  Dinesh Sharma, Niruta Singh, Sunil Thapa
Armit Sharma    
1999 Nepali Babu Dinesh Sharma, Bhuwan KC, Sunil Thapa Yugen Chhopel Bhuwan KC  
1999 Dharmaputra Dinesh Sharma,Rajesh Hamal, Niruta Singh Yuva Raj Lama    
1999 Mato Bolcha Rajesh Hamal, Bipana Thapa, Dinesh Sharma, Melina Manandhar Resh Raj Acharya Sayapatri Films  
1999 Timinai Basyau Mero Manma Dinesh Sharma, Jal Shah, Sunil Thapa Banni Pradhan    
2000 Mann Mero Mandaina Dinesh Sharma,Bipana Thapa Desh Bhakta Khanal Chiranjiwi Baasnet  
2000 Shahar Dinesh Sharma,Puja Chand Suman Sarkar    
2000 Anjanai maa Maya Basla hai Dinesh Sharma,Dilip Raymajhi Chandra Prakash Gopal Karmacharya  
2001 Army Dinesh Sharma,Lokendra Karki, Jal Shah Shovit Basnet    
2001 Daag Dinesh Sharma, Dhiren Shakya, Jal Shah, Rajani Rana   Akash Adhikari  
2001 Haudey Dinesh Sharma, Ishwor Shrestha Suraj Subba    
2001 Ke Bho Lau Na Ni Dinesh Sharma,Anupama Koirala, Sushil Chhetri, Shiva Shrestha Anish Koirala    
2001 Nepal Pyaro Chha Dinesh Sharma,Rajesh Hamal, Jal Shah, Ramesh Upreti Sambhu Pradhan   Subash Gautam
2002 Mann Dinesh Sharma,Rejina Uprety, Uttam Pradhan, Jay Kishan Basnet Sovit Basnet    
2002 Malati Dinesh Sharma,Shiva Shrestha, Jal Shah, Shrisha Karki Anil Sangraula    
2002 Santan Ko Maya Dinesh Sharma, Rajesh Hamal, Sarita Lamichhane, Puja Chand Kishore Rana   Tika Bhandari
2002 Santan Thari Thari Ka Dinesh Sharma,Dilip Ray Majhi      
2002 Andhi Tufan Dinesh Sharma, Richa Ghimire      
2003 Dhadkan Dinesh Sharma, Nikhil Upreti, Rekha Thapa Naresh Poudyal Naresh Poudyal  
2003 Sangram Dinesh Sharma, Melina Manandhar Mahendra Budhathoki Raj Kumar Rai  
2003 Bhagya Dinesh Sharma, Nikhil Upreti Prakash Bhattarai Sunil Datta Pandey  
2004 Bhagya Bidhata Dinesh Sharma, Rajesh Hamal, Rupa Rana Dayaram Dahal Chiranjiwi Basnet  
2004 Krishna Arjun Dinesh Sharma, Rajesh Hamal Deepak Shrestha Chiranjiwi Basnet  
2004 Jwalamukhi Dinesh Sharma, Sushil Chhetry, Melina Manandhar Mahendra Budhathoki    
2005 Abhimanyu Dinesh Sharma, Nikhil Upreti Naresh Poudyal Mounta Shrestha  
2006 Duniya Dinesh Sharma,Nikhil Upreti Shiva Regmi    
2006 Krodh Nikhil Upreti, Akash Adhikari, Jal Shah, Rekha Thapa, Usha Paudel, Dinesh Sharma   Akash Adhikari Laxmzn Shah, Suresh Adhikari
2007 Antya Dinesh Sharma, Usha Poudel Basudev Pokharel Dinesh Sharma  
2007 Ma Maya Garchhu Dinesh Sharma, Rajesh Hamal, Ayush Rijal Raj Shakya    
2007 Paapi Manchhe Dinesh Sharma, Nikhil Upreti Deepak Shrestha Raj Kumar Raai  
2008 Pratighat Dinesh Sharma, Prerana Sharma, Rakshanda Sharma Basudev Pokharel Dinesh Sharma  
2008 Himmat Dinesh Sharma, Rekha Thapa      
2009 Kanoon(Law) Dinesh Sharma, Rajesh Hamal      
2009 Kohi Mero Dinesh Sharma, Jharana Bajracharya Alok Nengbang    
2009 Deewanapan Dinesh Sharma, Arunima Lamsal, Raj Ballav Koirala Krishna Chapagain    
2009 Izzatdar Dinesh Sharma, Rajesh Hamal, Biraj Bhatta, Arjun Karki Krishna Chapagain    
2009 Mahan (Great) Dinesh Sharma, Biraj Bhatta,Jharana Thapa, Jaykishan Basnet Krishna Chapagain Dinesh Sharma  
2011 Mero Pyaro Maitighar Dinesh Sharma, Dilip Ray Majhi Uday Subba    
2011 Annadata Ramit Dhungana, Dinesh Sharma, Rohan Dhakal, Shibu Singh, Nishan Shahi Dhakal Niraj Ghimire Rohan Dhakal  
2012 Yoddha Dinesh Sharma, Rajesh Hamal Uday Subba    
2015 Danav Dinesh Sharma, Mahima Silwal, Teja Ayer Dinesh Sharma Dinesh Sharma  
2016 Ram-Jane Dinesh Sharma, Rohit Rumba, Teja Ayer Janak Khakurel Dinesh Sharma  
2016 Driver Dai Dinesh Sharma, Seema Kc   BS Balami  
2017 Hirasat Dinesh Sharma, Teja Ayer Dinesh Sharma Dinesh Sharma  

Filmy Journey of Dinesh Sharma Since 1993

Some Films acted by Dinesh Sharma:

1) Chatyang 2) Tuhuro 3) Jalan 4) Andolan 5) Gunyoo Choli 6) Bandhan 7) Pocketmar 8) Surakshya 9) Daag 10) Dharma Putra 11) Chinari 12) Bhai ko Maya 13) Sangharsa 14) Santan ko Maya 15) Mato Bolcha 16) Priyatama 17) Aama Ko Kakha 18) Jawab 19) Krodh 20) Danav 21) Mahan 22) Anjanaima Maya Bashla Hai 23) Timi Nai Bashyou Mero Man Ma 24) Ko Afno Ko Birano 25) Ukali Orali 26) Man Mero Mandaina 27) Ashirbad 28) Sangam 29) Abhimanyou 30) Kuru Kshetra 31) Army 32) Jawala Mukhi 33) Pratighat 34) Antya 35) Bibus 36) Akrosh 37) Mann 38) Ta Taa Sahrai Sapris Ni Badri 39) Lawaris 40) Kasai Lai Nabhannu 41) The Trap 42) Rocky 43) Ram Laxman 44) Santan Thari Tharika 45) Mann Ko Raja 46) Aadhi Thufan 47) Dosti 48) Dhadkan 49) Anutha Chhap 50) Dilma Sajaye Timlai 51) Driver Dai 52) Nepali Babu 53) Luck 54) Mero Rajesh Dai 55) Sahar 56) Mero Pyaro Maiti Ghar 57) Yodha 58) Kanoon 59) Ladai 60) Man Ma Maya 61) Ye Pandit Baje 62) Ijjatdaar 63) Nikhil Dai 64) Duniya 65) Pale Dai 66) Jhamela 67) The Nirmala 68) Bichhi 69) Bhai Bhai 70) Hyula Kanoon 71) Maryada 72) Ghatak Manche 73) Papi Manche 74) Target 75) Bhai Mara 76) Jungali Manche 77) Nirmohi 78) Dobato 79) Agni Jawala 80) Maile Bhulnai Sakina 81) Bhishma Raj 82) Himmat 83) Anna Datta 84) K bho Launani 85) War 86) Bhagya Bidhata 87) Diwana Pan 88) Krishna Arjun 89) I Am Crazy 90) Ma Maya Garchu 91) Kohi Mero 92) Amar Preeti 93) Bhagya 94) Malati 95) Paisa 96) Dushmani 97) Cyareng Gang 2

Coming Soon Movies:

1. Warrant 2. System 3. Bullet King 4. Dhanwan 5. Ram-jane 6. Soon ko Bihani

Upcoming Projects:

1. Bullet Once Again 2. Mandaina Yo Man 3. Loot Company 2 4. Dil Bichara 5. Lake Side